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US stocks close lower on the day. Dow snaps three day up streak

Modest losses

Major US stock indices are closing lower, giving up past gains. Highlights of the day include:

  • S&P closes 1% below an all-time high
  • NASDAQ 4% below an all-time high
  • The Dow closes 2% below an all-time high
  • Dow, S&P on the right track for monthly benefits
  • The NASDAQ index is in the right place for a monthly loss

The final numbers show:

  • The S&P index decreased by -88.94 points or -0.21% at the level of 4188.14. The high price reached 4213.42. The low price reached 4182.52
  • The NASDAQ index fell by 13.997.18 points to -3.99 points or -0.03%. The high price reached 13751.14. Low range up to 13631.80
  • The Dow fell -34.52 points or -0.24% at 34,312.46. Hi, when it reached 34511.35. Low range up to 34266.03

The Dow’s 30 winners included:

Dow 30 winners

The top five Dow 30 losers include:

The top five Dow losers
Some other big winners today are:
Big winners

Although the big losers include:


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